Forget-Me-Not Club, August 1910

header of Forget-Me-Not- Club page in magazine, 1901

From the Club page of Forget-Me-Not magazine, “A Dainty Journal for Ladies”, 27th August 1910. Good novel material, sounds like the start of an Oxenham book:

I wonder whether any of our members would like to give 26682 (Trowbridge) a holiday under the terms she mentions? Here is her letter:

“I hope you will not think I am wanting favours too soon,” she writes, “as I am a nearly new member; but I have been reading some of the wants of our members, and I wonder whether someone could do with me for a week. I am a good amateur dress-maker, and can do almost anything in the way of household duties; my mother had both us girls taught all that kind of thing, and I could be very useful for a few days to anyone who was nice to me. I am thoroughly healthy, and happy natured, and I would not give one bit of trouble, but I do so want a holiday! I can keep accounts, or make myself useful in lots of ways, and I would work all morning if they would give me the afternoons and evenings. I should like it to be not very far off, and seaside if possible; we have a nice large house here, and could have someone back here later on if they would like to come; try to do something for me if you can. I am educated fairly and all that, you know; no one need be afraid to have me; and I am sure I can pay well by my work for my food for the time!”

There are some class-markers I think in “my mother had both us girls taught all that kind of thing”, as well as the more obvious statements about the “nice large house” and education.


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