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Spinach recipes in the newspapers, 1929

5 November 2019

Post #3 about the 639 mentions of spinach in the newspapers in 1929: Recipes.

It is used as a food dye – for instance, in making sugar eggs for Easter (icing sugar and egg white), or dying hard-boiled eggs. “This vegetable extract is now obtainable among the range of culinary colourings stocked by the high-class grocer, and many uses will be found for it by the enterprising housewife.” (Yorkshire Evening Post, 27th March.)

Spinach is recommended as part of a nursery menu. The same article suggests preparing cabbage for children: chop raw cabbage finely, pass it through a sieve, add some raw minced beef, salt and tomato ketchup. “Give it a pretty name, such as “Fairy Cabbage,” and it will be a “goer”.” (Britannia and Eve, 1st February.) Another article mentions “the small person who will dissolve in tears at the prospect of spinach” (Derby Daily Telegraph, 5th September).

Recipes That Are Different: “Spinach balls are appetising and can be made with little trouble. Cook three pounds of spinach in very little water, drain well, and chop up. Add 2 oz. butter, 2 oz. grated cheese, 2 oz. grated onion, a teacupful of breadcrumbs and a beaten egg. Season with salt and pepper and leave for a few minutes. Then form into balls, roll up in egg and breadcrumbs, and fry in deep fat. Drain well and serve with roast beef or grilled steak.” (Aberdeen Press and Journal, 20th September)

Bean cutlets are suggested for a meatless meal (served with spinach); the article notes that “a piece of uncooked macaroni can be pushed in one end to resemble the bone” (Daily Herald, 12th March).

The Liverpool Echo, after giving an unexceptional recipe for spinach soup, then gives one for onion sandwiches. You fry the onions, dip stale bread in milk and fry the bread, then make hot sandwiches, “a cheap and savoury dish”. (18th May)

Spinach soup is sometimes served “with a half-egg in each plate” (Aberdeen Press and Journal, 25th June.)

The Taunton Courier has a recipe for Spring Salad: cook spinach, add butter, lemon juice, onion juice, salt and paprika. Press it into moulds and leave until cool. Turn out and serve on lettuce leaves, with tomatoes, a hard-boiled egg, some sweet mixed pickles and French dressing. (12 June)

“Spinach Ices are made by mixing some spinach puree (spinach cooked till tender and passed through a sieve) with a plain custard, adding some whipped cream and a little green colouring matter and freezing in a block. Cut into slices and serve garnished with lettuce or watercress.” (Dundee Evening Telegraph, 8th August)