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London: the Novel (book #82)

9 September 2010

Edward Rutherford, 1997.

Serious exposition going on here.

… the young man came up to Thomas.
“Secretary Cromwell will need you first thing in the morning,” he murmured. And then with a smile: “It’s been decided. We’re to draft the new Act of Parliament at once.”
… “What Act of Parliament?” she quickly enquired.
The young man looked uncertain for a moment, but then grinned. “It won’t be a secret after tonight anyway,” he said, “So I can tell you. It’s to be called the Act of Supremacy.”
“What’s to be in it?” she asked.
“Well,” he replied cheerfully, “Thomas knows better than I, but the main provisions are these.” He began to explain.

I like a bit of explanation, but this is ridiculous – just not how people talk.