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The domestic tiger

15 November 2018

Seen here in various shades of grumpiness. I was away at the time and these were pictures to reassure me that he was ok. He’s having dental surgery next week because he’s eating so little.

Advent of the K-cat

29 July 2018

The K-cat has been here about a month now. She has been very helpful with the data returns. Yesterday she sat on my keyboard and replaced “local authority” with “gbnh”.

Black cat sitting up

Black cat closeup


7 June 2017

Tabby cat in window below Labour poster

Follow-up: I Googled #TabbiesforLabour and he is The Only One. This is not good. #CatsforLabour is a thing, though.

Follow-up #2: there is a Cat Lovers for Corbyn badge with a tabby on it.

Furry Stomach

11 November 2016

Here is the office cat, or rather his stomach.


The office cat

11 January 2016

Now that I primarily work from home, the large woolly-trousered cat has become the office cat. Here he is sitting behind the hard drive and contemplating.

Cat on windowsill with books


6 September 2013

Here is my cat wearing a carrot hat:

Cat hat

Here is the cat of friends, James:


And here is my grandmother’s cat, Nick:


Nick 2