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11 June 2010

So I’ve not been on the internet much recently. I’m trying to reduce my emails to the minimum (having had some upsetting ones and also having thousands of unread to sort through – I need to register a new account and try to increase the % of positive emails but until I do I’m trying to keep it to work, E and business stuff). I’ve disabled my MF account, partly because of feeling the way I am at the moment and partly because there’s been so much grar there recently. I’ll go back at some point. I’m sorry – there were some people I should have let know before I did it, but I can’t MeMail now obviously. I’m only Twittering books read. I’ll be back internetting properly at some point, but there’s so little time now and connexions are difficult. I’m trying to think through a list of problems / issues and decide which to worry about how etc. Might try the thing of assigning a certain amount of worry time.

Anyway, here’s a book update, working fwds in time from March 2010 to now. I think not all my texts made it to Twitter so there will be one or two missing.

Title, Author, First published, Type
No Ordinary Girl, ??? (Edwardian novel), Fiction
Silent on the Moor, Deanna Raybourn, 2009, Fiction
Seduction in Death, J D Robb, 2001, Fiction
Lonesome Road, Patricia Wentworth, 1939, Fiction
Out of the Past, Patricia Wentworth, 1953, Fiction
Betrayal in Death, J D Robb, 2001, Fiction
*Painting Women, Deborah Cherry, 1993, Non-fiction
Stepping Stones, ???, Fiction
Vengeance in Death, J D Robb, 1997, Fiction
The Language of Bees, Laurie King, 2009, Fiction
Entranced, Nora Roberts, 1992, Fiction
Charmed, Nora Roberts, 1992, Fiction
The Unfinished Clue, Georgette Heyer, 1934, Fiction
Dear Francesca, Mary Contini, 2003, Non-fiction
Promises in Death, J D Robb, 2009, Fiction
Death at the Opera, Gladys Mitchell, 1934, Fiction
#The Black Ship, Carola Dunn, 2009, Fiction
Gender and the politics of schooling, Madeleine Arnot and Gaby Weiner, 1987, Non-fiction
#Nightshade, Nora Roberts, 1993, Fiction
Out on your feet, Julie Welch, 2009, Non-fiction
*Culinary Treasures, Nicola Humble, Non-fiction [about the history of recipe books]
Funeral of Figaro, Ellis Peters, 1962, Fiction
I’ll be leaving you always, Sandra Scoppettone, 1994, Fiction
The Ivory Dagger, Patricia Wentworth, 1951, Fiction
Fantasy in Death, J D Robb, 2010, Fiction
The Enchantment Emporium, Tanya Huff, 2009, Fiction
Better, Atul Gawande, 2007, Non-fiction
Poison in the Pen, Patricia Wentworth, 1957, Fiction
The Traveller Returns, Patricia Wentworth, 1945, Fiction
Enchanted, Nora Roberts, 1999, Fiction
Among the Mad, Jacqueline Winspear, 2009, Fiction
Imitation in Death, J D Robb, 2003, Fiction
When the tide rises, David Drake, 2008, Fiction
Divided in Death, J D Robb, 2004, Fiction
#Heart of the sea, Nora Roberts, 2000, Fiction
#Tears of the moon, Nora Roberts, 2000, Fiction
#Jewels of the sun, Nora Roberts, 1999, Fiction
*London, Edward Rutherford, 1997, Fiction
The Gazebo, Patricia Wentworth, 1956, Fiction
An Excellent Mystery, Ellis Peters, 1985, Fiction
*Handsworth Revolution, David Winkley, 2002, Non-fiction
*Maps and Legends, Michael Chabon, 2008, Non-fiction
Latter End, Patricia Wentworth, 1947, Fiction
Summer Moonshine, P G Wodehouse, 1938, Fiction
The Yiddish Policemen’s Union, Michael Chabon, 2007, Fiction
Key of Valor, Nora Roberts, 2004, Fiction
Key of Knowledge, Nora Roberts, 2003, Fiction
Key of Light, Nora Roberts, 2003, Fiction
We’re in the Sixth, Carol Ann Pearce, 1960, Fiction
Blood Brothers, Nora Roberts, 2007, Fiction
#Winking at the Brim, Gladys Mitchell, 1974, Fiction
Memory in Death, J D Robb, J D Robb, 2006, Fiction
Have you any wool?, Jan Messent, 1987, Non-fiction
Wishing for Tomorrow, Hilary McKay, 2009, Fiction
The Head of the House of Coombe, Frances Hodgson Burnett, 1922, Fiction
Sanctuary, Nora Roberts, 1997, Fiction
A death in the family, ???, Fiction
Kindred in Death, 2009, J D Robb, Fiction
Memory in Death, J D Robb, 2006, Fiction
Not a Girl Detective, Susan Kandel, 2005, Fiction
Contented Dementia, Oliver James, 2008, Non-fiction
Why shoot a butler, Georgette Heyer, 1933, Fiction
*Diary of a delinquent episode, Jane Sparrow, 1976, Non-fiction
Sandra takes command, Constance White, 1960, Fiction
*Becoming a Reader, J A Appleyard, 1994, Non-fiction
Three Fates, Nora Roberts, 2003, Fiction
Tomb of Zeus, Barbara Cleverly, 2007, Fiction
*The burden of sympathy, David Karp, 2001, Non-fiction
Death in Ecstasy, Ngaio Marsh, 1936, Fiction
Sue Barton: Neighbourhood Nurse, Helen Dore Boyston, 1936, Fiction.

* means I want to write about it on here.
# means it was rubbish (which for me means a combination of not any good and not enjoyable).
??? means I need to check the author.

I seem to have read a greater number than usual of books I thought were no good.

Books listed more than once – this is a feature, not a bug.