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Seeing all the things

9 September 2018

I wanted a project involving getting out the house, and have now settled on a few, with some ideas from MetaFilter.

I’m trying to see all the County Champion oaks locally. (You have to join the Tree Register to see the full database.)

I’m also trying to visit all the local telephone box libraries locally.

Excursed yesterday with my father to start these projects. Did not manage to see the oak I was looking for, and will have to return with a better map. Did walk along the Rhinefield Ornamental Drive or Tall Trees Trail, which was good. We found two of the telephone box libraries, Fritham and Bramshaw. Donated some books to both and picked up some: The Phantom Tollbooth, which I thought I’d like to re-read, a PD James for my sister, two Agatha Christies, a JG Farrell for my mother, a Crime for Christmas anthology and Goudge’s The Child From the Sea. The Bramshaw box was messy so we cleared it up a bit. There’s a rather eerie decaying garage, still inhabited, near the box.

Saw sheep in the road which my father drove through (slowly) in a slightly scary way. He explained that when he lived and worked at the gliding club it was his job to drive the sheep off the runway, so he knew what he was doing. At another place there was an appealing piglet in the road.

My father had a good day I think. I consider, off and on, writing something about his Alzheimer’s, but haven’t come to any conclusions. (I emailed him the link about trees above – he emailed back to say “Ta. I have noted two grammatical errors on the first page. Picky or what”.)