The Fine Companion: DC Daking and the Log of The ‘Fine Companion’ (book #124)

DC Daking and Hilary Clare, 2011. The book has two subtitles, the other being “The Journal of a Caravan Trip from Oxford to Stratford-upon-Avon in the summer of 1914”.

Interesting list of items sold by a pedlar. “Cucumbers oil lemons darning wool candles soap bootlaces. Pins scrubbing brushes rabbit food. Starch boot blacking soda metal polish. Tape cottons brushes writing paper. Bananas with picture postcards. Tomatoes plums tea. Foot rules. Suspender elastic. Sandpaper cocoa laundry blue. Safety pins. Nail brushes matches ‘Zam Buk’ jam covers. Tin tacks luggage labels boot laces.” [Bootlaces twice.]

Daking adds “His name is J.H. Townsend. Middle Tysoe. General Dealer – & he has a hat of the same make as Alec’s”.

This is half the journal of Daking and friends’ travels in a caravan in July – August 1914, and half notes by Clare on Daking’s life and the people mentioned in the journal. Daking is the Pixie in Oxenham’s Abbey books. Quite a depressing book.


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