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Some pictures of Gosport

18 August 2013

Creek. There was a community archaeology project here.

Gosport - beach

Derelict Naval building.

Gosport - naval buildings 2

Fort Brockhurst.

Fort Brockenhurst

FB 3

Fort Brockenhurst - door

FB through door

FB through letterbox

Yarn-bombing stone

18 August 2013

Crocheted stone cover, left at the shore with stone inside.

YB stone, close-up

YB stone

Wellies and yb stone 2


18 August 2013

A Dalek I crocheted for my sister’s friends’ daughter.

Crocheted Dalek

Crocheted Dalek

The pattern is from Ravelry – Dalek Amigurumi, by Lucy Ravenscar. It came out a lot larger than I expected, but I was pleased with it.