Pleasure Grounds: The Gardens and Landscapes of Hampshire (book #108)

eds Gill Hedley and Adrian Rance, 1987.

The essay “Archive Sources for Hampshire Gardens” by Rosemary Dunhill reproduces this picture, A Picnic by Cadland (no date given), by John Christian Schetky. It hasn’t scanned terribly well.

A Picnic at Cadland

Article about the current state of the estate here.

In trying to find this image online I came across Art as a tool in support of the understanding of coastal change, a research paper with some good images, such as this photograph of Ventnor around 1900:

Ventnor, around 1900

Much clothedness. And this:

View of the Western Shore, Southampton - Samuel Owen

I like the informal sitting around in this one:

Priory Bay from Horestone Point, William Gray


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