Crochet: History and Technique (book #102) + added stuff

Liz Paludan, 1986, English translation 1995.

Two blog postings on the author here and here. I like the peacock in the second link.

Painting by SH Hall, Good Morning, Mama, c 1860. I don’t know anything about this artist but have emailed the V&A, in whose collections it apparently is, to ask for his or her full name. I like the way the child’s neck becomes its head …

Good Morning, Mama, by S B Hall

1885 linen basket trimmed with crochet – the basket itself is painted in gold-bronze and the cover includes dark red plush and satin, glitter and gold lamé.

Crocheted linen basket cover

Woollen bin on a stand, trimmed with crochet in dark blue, blueish-gray, olive and light brown, 1890. Oh, and the stand is bronze.

Reminds me of Mercedes Lackey’s Shin’a’in who had never met a colour they didn’t like. And do embroidery but not crochet as far as I remember.

Anyway, stuff, not so gloomy as previous stuff, though dull of course. So I’ve been thinking of entering a short story (or stir-fry, as I originally writ) competition for wch the theme is Journeys. Made me think how few actual journeys there are in my writing. Of course one can always interpret it metaphorically if entering, but that seems wrong somehow. My characters do go places but it’s always very short and fairly mundane trips – into the wood, to the bookshop. Maybe I ought to write about longer journeys. Or not, who knows.


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