Liberty’s: a Biography of a Shop (book #100)

Alison Adburgham, 1975.

From the 1883 catalogue:

Liberty's catalogue, 1883

Arthur Liberty’s drawing room:

Arthur Libert's drawing room

There is a possibility that some time in the Edwardian period Liberty’s bought some designs from D. H. Lawrence. In Sons & Lovers, published in 1913 and believed to be largely autobiographical, Paul Morel spreads out before Miriam some brownish linen with a design of roses stencilled on it. She asks him what he will do with it, and he replies ‘Send it to Liberty’s’. Later she reminds him to bring her ‘that letter from the man at Liberty’s; and in Chapter 12 we find, ‘He was gradually making it possible to earn a livelihood by his art. Liberty’s had taken several of his painted designs on various stuffs, and he could sell designs for embroideries, for altar–cloths, and similar things, in one or two places.’


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