Alone! Alone! Lives of some outsider women (book #88)

Rosemary Dinnage, 2004.

Collection of reviews from the New York Times.

Quotes and comments on the correspondence between Olive Schreiner and Havelock Ellis:

She was “not clear as to where you begin and I end.” … such radical loosenings of the self, such creepings into another, are frightening. … eventually there come hints of a changed relationship. She makes the strange statement, from someone who has written a letter a day for over two years, that “I need you greatly in my life, but we seem to have so little to say to each other.”

Isak Dinesen in Carnival, a posthumous collection of short stories:

Certainly it is a great happiness to be able to turn the things which happen to you into stories. It is perhaps the one perfect happiness that a human being will find in life. But it is at the same time, unexplicably to the uninitiated, a loss, a curse even.

Rebecca West in a letter about the death of her cat Ginger Pounce:

He … [ellipsis in Dinnage] was always very careful not to make a fuss of me, but in a cagey way let me know that he knew I was doing pretty well for him and there were no hard feelings. He had a very reserved, reluctant way of licking my hand in a way that suggested he was saying to himself, “I hope to God the woman won’t start to think I want to marry her.”

Obviously Dinnage rather dammed herself to me by mixing up Jen and Joy of the Abbey Girls – how can anyone do that? Apart from that, and the review format rather showing at times, this is worth reading.

I need to work out what I’m doing with this blog. I have probably seventy books I’d like to get around to blogging. And I haven’t updated my summary list of what I’ve read for some time – partly because of some gaps in recording, a three-week gap in early summer where I was feeling too low to record, and a month gap because Twitter didn’t record my texts (which is how I was logging stuff). I’ve got a lot of scribbled lists and need to sort a way of recording in future for I don’t think I can let the lists go whatever I do with this site. Also I have a problem with not being able to return a load of library books before I blog them. I had a lot of plans for 2011 which I am still trying to hang on to though a lot of them are seeming much less possible than they did when I planned them in the autumn when I was buoyed up by new drugs (why do the damn things only work for a few months? What’s that about?). I guess there’s a question for me about whether I can successfully use this as a parallel conversation to the conversations I am not having, or whether that’s unhelpful. Anyway, that’s dull. Have a word cloud via Tagexdo instead.

Word Cloud of blog

Not convinced that it is based on the whole blog – may just be the first page. If it were picking up the whole thing I’d expect to see “Robb” pretty large, for one thing.

Also, I get a hell of a lot of traffic from people looking for info about the settlement of C- H- (not wanting to add to that traffic by mentioning again). As F wd say, I can literally only at this moment apol.

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