The Covent Garden Ladies (book #12 updated)

Hallie Rubenhold, 2006.

Took me a while to get round to updating my previous entry, and I now can’t interpret most of my notes.

The book focusses on the writing and publication of “Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies,” 1757. Here’s an extract from the description of Mrs Cuyler, Craven Street:

She was brought up under the Wing of the celebrated Bird of Paradise, who taught her the rudiments of knowledge by which she soon, by the strength of her own natural genius, became a complete mistress of the science, in which she has cut a conspicious figure. … She lately behaves with a great deal of reserve in public, but in private, when she likes her company; there is not a more agreeable, good-natured convivial soul in the universe. At such times she is very fond of singing ‘King David on a certain day, &c.’ which she performs with a good deal of humour.”

Google is not finding anything for the song, sadly.

Satisfyingly, the author compiles a list of men using Covent Garden prostitutes – to parallel the women’s names that were published.

Rubenhold on Women’s Hour discussing the book. The grandly titled Assistant Content Producer advised me that this recording pre-dates BBC iplayer, so to listen to it you need Real Player – see here.


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