Marrying the Mistress (book #87)

Juliet Landon, 2008.

I can’t remember anything at all about this book. But I did make some notes so will see if I can make sense of them. I seem to have marked some sentences that didn’t fit the time, 1802:

“I don’t do lists” – Safire suggests that this form originated sometime between the 1970s (when apparently “I don’t do windows” was a catchphrase) and the 1990s.
“Jamie’s birth certificate cannot be altered” – no, it can’t, given that there were none; it would have been an entry in a parish register.
“it’s the problem of my brother’s lifestyle that concerns me most” – “lifestyle” dates to 1929.

I was interested in the mention of “ikat-dyed muslin” (Landon is a textile writer under her own name, Jan Messent – see this review and terrible Knitted Madame de Pompadour) and found this great picture of a dress of the right period in ikat muslin.


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