The Body in the Moonlight (book #85)

Katherine Hall Page, 2002.

This is darker than this series usually runs. I thought that Faith was going to find she was ill, with the references to her mind wandering. Turns out to be emotional stuff of course.

I liked the sound of the books by Veronica Brookside: “a hard-boiled series that featured a foul-mouthed female former librarian turned private detective who could hit a knothole at seventy-five feet while quoting the ruder parts of the Canterbury Tales“.

Also, I urgently need to cook Doughnut Muffins.

Interesting hymm quoted – I Sing a Song of the Saints of God, written by an English woman, Lesbia Scott, in 1929.


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2 Responses to “The Body in the Moonlight (book #85)”

  1. Lilly Says:

    Maybe you should suggest a backup career of private detective for all the libarians who’ll be made redundant when the libraries are staffed by volunteers.

    Also, I would like to know the date of the last British birth registration of the name Lesbia.

  2. cassincork Says:

    The 1891 census has 11, born 1823 to 1887. This includes one person where it is her middle name and someone called “Tom Lesbia Blakely”.

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