“All of the romance, none of the bullshit”

Came across this blog recently via Twitter. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. Good stuff.

Happy endings occasionally dance right over the reality line into Happy Ever After On the Back of a Sparkly Pony Who Farts Rainbows and Craps Precious Moments Figurines.

The ending to this book was utterly, completely, and unrealistically laden with nuclear family dynamics. Didja know that if you have a really surly adolescent with terrible emotional wounds and a deep and painful history of neglect and abuse, it can all be made well with bath oil and your current guardian hooking up with – in appropriate fashion – the town doctor? Got Surly Teenz? You can haz nuclear family! WIN!


One Response to ““All of the romance, none of the bullshit””

  1. maglinty Says:

    I like this person’s style! So good on so many levels.

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