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“All of the romance, none of the bullshit”

2 May 2009

Came across this blog recently via Twitter. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. Good stuff.

Happy endings occasionally dance right over the reality line into Happy Ever After On the Back of a Sparkly Pony Who Farts Rainbows and Craps Precious Moments Figurines.

The ending to this book was utterly, completely, and unrealistically laden with nuclear family dynamics. Didja know that if you have a really surly adolescent with terrible emotional wounds and a deep and painful history of neglect and abuse, it can all be made well with bath oil and your current guardian hooking up with – in appropriate fashion – the town doctor? Got Surly Teenz? You can haz nuclear family! WIN!

107 things that people on the internet have learnt in the last year

1 May 2009

I was aiming for a hundred, but overshot.

to direct
so much
to speak and write Vietnamese
to Salsa, Bollywood and Pole dance
a great deal more that I could have imagined
To cherish my family && friends
more than i learnt in my entire time at school
Who My True Friends Are
so much more about people and friends
the golden rule
a lot about racing and tactics
that there was a time Ballard used to drink all day as he wrote
that it’s useless to push yourself beyond limits
to understand what the job entailed
quite a bit
something big
several valuable lessons and principles from blogging
a lot
how to do side arm and under hand
to ride a bicycle
that the bee had been spreading northwards in Europe in recent years
so much
so much
that Nokia’s cooperation with China has played an important role for its growth
that home is not a physical place
about LaTeX
to march
more about unconditional love
a lot of things that have made me a better driver
Grammer school girls really ARE snotty
about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
to ride a bicycle
that it was cheaper to buy than to rent
the full range of French expressions relating to (gaseous) pets
off two esays for paper one
that Max became the EPICA representative in the CIS countries
to sail
so much about something that was never on my agenda
so much
how to rein in one’s creativity
to ski, snowboard and surf
so much about myself
some Japonese
that, not many people get the first person they love, but! they could get another person and could love that person more than you loved your first love!
round off flip
how to play tag rugby
a good lesson
so much
about caffine free cola
how to be Frenchie in Grease
from experience that chilli plants do much better in the warm shelter of the back patio than on the breezy lottie
so much about the way of working on a farm
the truth when I met Professor Ben Fletcher and Dr Karen Pine, two scientists researching the psychology of obesity
to fly aeroplanes
that there are as many girls who want to be Guides or Brownies as there are girls already enrolled
my husband was having an affair
that everything in life changes
to DJ in Marbella
the way to properly serve a good bottle of aged red wine
a lot
what this interesting term means from an unexpected source. It’s the Victorian profession of gathering up “dog chocolate” for use in tanneries
not to chair workshops on my own birthday
little Japanese
*a heap*about sales
having a job is not necessarily a sign of sanity
to swim
that I am ‘dyslexic’
that The Tikva is not the official anthem of the State
html and a bit of CSS
my lesson
the sickening truth about Stella
the simplest and most deliciuos pizza sauce recipe – just blend up tomatoes and garlic
how to make charcoal paintings
a good lesson. It’s useless to push yourself beyond your limits
how to play sudoku
to skateboard
that more important than having an achievement, is the way u PRESENT that achievement
a lot
more about SUVs than I knew about it all my life
the basics of both German and Spanish
a valuable lesson, unless they believe in your work forget it
a technique using Brasso/Neverdull to blur/remove the background of magazine and newsprint images
a useless phrase in Arabic that had the owner of the riad in stitches for days
several of the things I should have learnt in 2005
to identify my stress catalyst
that in my neighbourhood is a “Masonic Temple”
to ice-skate
some hard lessons
to type
drupal for a website I was building
that you can bounce back from one race to the next
how to make that stuff
front sumi’s on trampolien
not to bury myself early in the season
to always ask for a room on the top floor
true meaning of breaking fast
more about myself and which areas I need to focus on
hozv to feed a young dove
that they are migraine auras
how much I miss the rainy season
what could have taken me or others centuries to learn

I categorise that as follows:

A lot – 18
Computing – 4
Creative – 3
Emotional – 20
Factual – 18
Health – 3
Language – 7
Physical / sport / transport – 21
Practical – 2
Skill – 6
Work-related – 5