One Night of Scandal and The Rake’s Mistress (books #59 and #60)

Nicola Cornick, 2004, two books in one.

Lost some of my notes on these (bother Twitter), but from what I have left … Cornick’s romances are fairly well-done if you like that sort of thing. They passed the time a bit when I found them in a youth hostel, up in the night coughing.

In One Night of Scandal, Lord Richard Kestrel offers to show Deborah his collection of naval memorabilia. She declines: “I suspect that that is an invitation on a par with inspecting your art collection – or your set of etchings!” I’m not sure the etchings trope existed by then (Regency period), though there’s an earlier reference to prints in a similar context.

I got a bit over-excited about the occupation of the heroine in The Rake’s Mistress:

Rebecca “made her living as an engraver and as such she had an eye for a striking image. Lucas Kestrel had a face an engraver could lose herself in, all hard lines and angles”. When Lord Lucas won’t get out of her carriage she finds “the cold, reassuring shape of her engraving scribe. She whipped it out and levelled it at him … ‘Allow me to encourage your departure, my lord'”. Lord Lucas “recognises that she was living within her work at the moment; that it was the thing she used to blot out her grief”. It turns out, however, that she’s an engraver on glass, not a wood engraver. Boring.


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One Response to “One Night of Scandal and The Rake’s Mistress (books #59 and #60)”

  1. maglinty Says:

    You got me all excited there – thought Rebecca was a printmaker! Also thought it was metamorphosing into The Red Scar…

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