Renaissance Florence (book #49)

Gene Brucker, 1969.

Fascinating. I like this pilgrim taking the bare necessities:

“On this 18th day of August 1399, I Francesco di Marco, through the inspiration of God and his Mother our Lady, resolved to go on a pilgrimage, clothed entirely in white linen and barefoot, as was the custom then from many people in the city … For at that time all men, or at least the greater number of Christians, were moved to go on a pilgrimage throughout the world, for the love of God, clothed entirely in white linen … And that we might have what was necessary, I took with us two of my horses and the mule; and on these we placed two small saddle chests, containing boxes of all kind of comfits … and candles, and fresh bread and biscuits and round cakes, sweet and unsweetened, and other things besides that appertain to a man’s life … the two horses were fully laden with our victuals; and besides these, I took a great sack of warm raiment, to have at hand by day and by night. And the mule I took in case one of us, through sickness or any other cause, could not walk … ”

And this –

“Denouncing the Florentine practice of making vows for every conceivable purpose, Franco Sachetti wrote that such practices were idolatrous, and not acts of Christian faith. ‘And I, the writer, have actually witnessed someone whose cat has strayed making a vow that if he recovered it, he would send a wax image [of the cat] to the Virgin at Orsanmichele. And he actually did this!'”


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