Sam the Sudden (book #31)

Wodehouse, 1925.

Ok, though not the best Wodehouse I’ve read.

I like this, from the first paragraph:

All day long, New York, stewing in the rays of a late August sun, had been growing warmer and warmer; until now, at three o’clock in the afternoon, its inhabitants … had divided themselves by a sort of natural cleavage into two main bodies – the one crawling about and asking those they met if this was hot enough for them, the other maintaining that what they minded was not so much the heat as the humidity.

And these:

He replaced the paper [photograph of woman he’s fallen in love with] in his note-case and sighed. “Love is a wonderful thing, Hash.”
Mr Todhunter’s ample mouth curled sardonically.
When you’ve seen as much of life as I have,” he replied, you’d rather have a cup of tea.”

“If you’re thinking of the pudding, I’m afraid that’s off. The kitten fell into the custard. … And when I’d fished her out there wasn’t hardly any left. Seemed to have soaked into her like as if she was a sponge. Still, there’d be enough for you if Mr Wrenn didn’t want any.”

I wondered what “limado” is – at a Lyons someone orders “cocoa and sparkling limado simultaneously and was washing down a meal of Cambridge sausages and pastry with alternate draughts of both liquids” – and found these annotations, which have some interesting stuff.


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