Cross Stitch (book #28)

Diana Gabaldon, 1991.

Published as Outlander in the US – I’m not sure why the difference, but Cross Stitch doesn’t seem a very relevant title. A doorstop of a book, 864 pages.

Here’s Gabaldon on her writing:

Dougal MacKenzie stood up and asked who she was, and she replied (without consulting me), “I’m Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp – and who the hell are you?”

To which I said – “Hey! You don’t sound anything like an 18th century person!” So I fought with her for several pages, trying to beat her into shape and make her talk appropriately – but she wasn’t having any. She just kept making smart-ass modern remarks about everything she saw, and she started telling the story herself.

There’s lots of this weird stuff around about writing, and it is strange that people think in this way about creativity. Also, the “dinna”s get on my nerves.


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