Mr. Orde’s Grandchildren (book #25)

Cecilia S. Lowndes (Cecilia Selby Lowndes), 1889. I’m not sure what date my edition is.

book cover

bookseller label

I don’t know anything about the author and can’t find anything on the internet, except that the BL catalogue has 26 books by her, the earliest 1884 and the latest 1894 (so 26 books in ten years). Enid’s Victory (1883) is online as an etext.

Here’s the frontispiece:


And the other pictures.



I’m not sure what the u-shaped thing is – some sort of musical instrument?


Dora, who appears in all of these pictures except the penultimate one, looks older than 15, which is the oldest she can be. In particular, in the second picture she doesn’t seem appropriately dressed for “running” and “replacing [stepping] stones … pulling and digging away at one particularly inviting stone”.


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2 Responses to “Mr. Orde’s Grandchildren (book #25)”

  1. Mik Says:

    I’m not sure what the u-shaped thing is – some sort of musical instrument?
    Yes, it’s a lyre.

  2. steef Says:

    At last, the long-promised pictures of “Books and Pictures”! I’ve always thought, since reading The Bobbsey Twins series as a boy, that children’s book illustrators always seem to depict the most unlikely scenes. There’s a wild chase on one page, a character showing genuine emotion on this one, or someone falling off a cliff on another… and without fail they always draw everyone standing around the kitchen or the postman delivering the mail, instead.

    Thank you for posting these! The cover alone is remarkable.

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